The Learning Consultants provides expert teaching and tutoring in all subjects. 
We are the fastest growing education consultancy in Connecticut due to our growing reputation.
We tutor hundreds of New Haven students in SAT-ACT (and all test prep) and all academic subject areas.
As we have noticed that many students from New Haven desire math tutoring, we have placed considerable focus on finding top notch math tutors in the Guilford-New Haven area. 
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You can also contact us at (860) 510-0410.

CEO Daryl Capuano was recently featured on NBC News

The Learning Consultants, is an elite, boutique, educational consultancy.

Our main programs include:

SAT and ACT Test Prep
Subject-Based Tutoring
Graduate School Counseling and Test Prep
Career Counseling (all ages)

Please contact Daryl Capuano at (860) 510-0410 or email

For more information, please review our website:

The Learning Consultants
(860) 510-0410