Algebra 2 Help for New Haven Students

For many New Haven students, Algebra 2 becomes the most difficult class of their high school experience. The beginning of the class is manageable for most, simply because it is a cumulative review of Algebra 1, however, as the year progresses, the complexity of the material increases consistently. If the student does not have a firm grasp of all of middle school math, then he or she will most likely have a very hard time with Algebra 2. This can be overwhelming, for students and for parents. Suddenly, students accustomed to A’s see B’s on their transcript and those who normally have B’s, start seeing C’s.

While New Haven students often make the legitimate plea: “Why do I need to learn Algebra II, I’ll never need it in real life”, their GPA and class rank will be critical for their college goals. As such, the need, even for potential liberal arts majors, to do well in Algebra II, is significant.

The reality of the situation is that the student’s basic math skills absolutely have to be addressed. Without being comfortable enough to solve mildly complex Algebra equations, the student will constantly stumble on the fundamentals and never have the time or energy to learn the concept that is building off of those basics.

In these kinds of situations, it is very easy to blame the Algebra 2 teacher or past teachers for the student’s difficulties.In many cases, these accusations are justified, but when it comes down to it, the teacher is responsible for teaching a significant amount of complex material to twenty or so students.Going in for extra help is certainly beneficial, but the teacher does not have time to help every student who is struggling with several building-block concepts.

New Haven students who find themselves in this situation often come to us when they have already been struggling for some time in Algebra 2.We recognize that each student has a unique set of math concepts that need to be reviewed as well as a preferred method of learning them.Our tutors take both of these needs into account in order to communicate Algebra 1 and Algebra 2 concepts clearly and effectively, helping to dispel math anxiety and bring the student’s math confidence to new levels.

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