Algebra Help for New Haven Students

Algebra is the building block of all higher level math.

Without a mastery of algebra, most every math class in Connecticut schools after 8th grade will be challenging.

In addition, standardized tests, primarily the SAT and ACT, but even later on forgraduate school testing, require a mastery of algebra.

Our methodology for providing algebra training is simple: provide outstanding teachers who can clearly communicate the fundamentals.

Algebra is actually not that complicated. Reasonably bright Connecticut sixth graders can master algebra. 7th and 8th graders with some math abilities similarly should be able to understand the mechanics of algebra.

The challenge is almost always emanates from some combination of disinterested student and poorly communicating math teacher.

In addition, many students can "get by" by cramming for tests and by doing their homework. Their B- or C+ grades might not set off any alarms.

But, such students never really learn algebra in a way that stays in their long term memory.

This leads to major problems as the student advances to higher levels.

The Learning Consultants can help your child master algebra.

Moving forward, Algebra II causes conceptual problems for almost all students. As noted, basic algebra is either not taught properly (fault of the teacher who was not teaching effectively) or not learned properly (fault of the student who was not paying attention). Problems in Algebra II are often no one's fault - at least in terms of either teaching ability or student character.

Algebra II contains high-level concepts which some students will simply have a hard time mastering, even with effective teaching and motivated students.

In addition, for those who did not master Algebra I, the problem with understanding high level concepts is compounded by not having a proper foundation.

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