Geometry Help for New Haven Students

Many New Haven,CTstudents who performed reasonably well in Algebra I are surprised at the difficulty of high school Geometry.

The visual nature of Geometry along with the procedurally challenging method of solving geometric proofs makes for a different way of mathematical thinking.

The most popular complaint from our New Haven students centers upongeometric proofs.  Throughout the proof process, the student must lay out a series of logical steps until the answer is reached.  For each step, the student is required to cite a theorem or postulate that backs up their statement (i.e. where two opposite angles are equal within a triangle, the sides opposite the angles will also be equal).

This process places two demands on the student – knowing each and every relevant theorem and knowing when/how to apply each theorem.  This requires students to develop a sort of “Geometry logic” thought process that will help reveal the sequence of steps in a proof, which does not come naturally for many students.

When faced with the challenge of honing this new type of geometry thinking, New Haven students may not recognize the importance of fully mastering the thought process.  In these cases, A and B students, who never had trouble with math up until Geometry, may find themselves in the C range.  With reasonably good grades in their other classes, they could make the argument “I’m never going to need Geometry when I have a job, so why should I put in so much effort?” but the fact of the matter is, Geometry is a critical building block for pre-calculus, trigonometry, and calculus classes.

Perhaps more significantly, the SAT and ACT math focus heavily on Geometry knowledge and, regardless, good grades in all classes are essential for admission to competitive colleges.  The Learning Consultants provides the best Geometry help in the New Haven,CT area.  If your student is struggling with Geometry, then it is time for quality one-on-one help.Our tutoring team is comprised of the very best math teachers in New Haven County and the rest of the Connecticut Shoreline.

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