GRE Prep for New Haven Students

How does The Learning Consultants provide superior prep for our GRE clients?

We prepare out students with customized, individual, tutoring sessions with a test-prep expert.

Why is individual prep superior to classes for the GRE (and most all graduate school testing)?

We certainly believe in the value of courses as we have SAT classes. However, with 17 year old students taking the SAT, structure is required since students usually do not have the discipline to do enough practice sets on their own. And, even if they did, they would not necessarily design aprogram that would make sense for them.

With GRE students, most all have the discipline to do the necessary workto prep (otherwise, they would likely not be interested in graduate school).

GRE students need teaching - particularly on their challenge areas. And,we could do that more efficiently and more cost-effectively with individual sessions. (the reverse is true for SAT students where the course is morecost-effective).  Simultaneously, we had numerous students come to us after attending Kaplanor Princeton Review or other franchise GRE courses and complain that morethan half of the time was spent sitting in a classroom doing problem sets.  

Nothing wrong with that - except when you are paying a lot of money for, as one of our students said, a proctor to say "start", "five minutes left" and"stop".

Another student noted that he paid $1500 for a course; about $800 in whichhe did practice tests, which he could have done on his own, another $400 tolisten to either other people's questions or areas in which he didn't needhelp, and only about $300 that he found valuable.  

Also, the busyness of some of our students made the courses impracticalsince they had to attend during the dates/times offered by the course.  

That's a long way of saying that we now do individual sessions and it seemsto work better for most of our students.

Our GRE teaching staff led by The Learning Consultants’ test masters will ensure your success.

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