LSAT Test Prep for New Haven Students

The Learning Consultants is the best tutoring and test prep organization in the New Haven, CT area.

That is an opinion. An opinion shared by people who know best. But, nonetheless, it is an opinion.

While it may not rise to the level of fact, we can claim with greater certainty that we are the best at LSAT Prep in the New Haven, CT area.

What would make a great LSAT teacher?

Everything that it takes to be a great teacher. And, Daryl Capuano, built The Learning Consultants into the biggest educational consultancy in Connecticut through his masterful teaching.

And, for the LSAT, it would take someone who has unique knowledge about the test - perhaps someone who performed extraordinarily well on the test. And, Daryl Capuano did so which helped him gain admission to an Ivy-league law school.

Every other organization that teaches the LSAT hires either test prep teachers who have minimal experience with the test. These teachers vary in quality. But, at best, they are good teachers - not necessarily good LSAT teachers but good teachers.

Or, they hire those who did very well on the LSAT such as those who attend Yale Law School. But, these brainy test takers are not teachers. Some, in fact, are flat out bad teachers because much like rocket science type math teachers who can perform but not teach complex operations, these LSAT teachers do not understand that others do not see patterns as quickly or as deeply as they naturally do.

For this work - and with so much at stake - you need a master teacher who also has deep personal experience in the LSAT. Call The Learning Consultants to learn more. (860) 510-0410

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