MCAT Test Prep for New Haven Students

You have a choice. You can work with a franchise to prepare you for the most important test of your life. Or you can work with an elite group of teachers.

You are going to medical school so follow this reasoning:

Franchises such as Kaplan or Princeton Review are corporate behemoths run by business executives in New York. They hire site managers for small cities like New Haven, CT. The goal of the site manager is simple: meet the numbers. Not the numbers that you care about for a high MCAT score but rather the financial targets that are established at corporate headquarters and which are the sole criteria by which a site manager is judged.

What would you do as a site manager with that mandate? You would hire teachers as inexpensively as possible. Certainly, you would be delighted if you found the best teacher who would be willing to work at the lowest possible wage. But, when does that ever happen?

You would find someone who was "good enough". And, cheap enough.

You would also "maximize" student purchases. Your goal would be to get every dollar possible out of students who called you. The big course would always be the goal.

Now, think if what you would do if you ran an elite boutique. You thrive for one simple reason:

you provide something better than the more well known franchises.

Think about pizza. How do you know about Pizza Hut or Domino's? Advertising.

In comparison, how do you know about the elite pizza places in New Haven? Word-of-mouth, excuse the pun, fromdelighted customers who rave that Sally's or Pepe's or Modern's pizza is THE BEST! In fact,happy clients will get in arguments over their favorite pizza. I do not recall ever seeing a TV ad for any of those restaurants.

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