SAT and ACT Test Prep for New Haven Students

SAT Mastery Seminar

SAT Mastery Seminar - In Person: $595

Saturdays, July 10 - August 21, 2021
121 Main Street, Old Saybrook, CT

SAT Mastery Seminar - Virtual: $295

Sundays, July 11 - August 22, 2021

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In the last few years, The Learning Consultants has become the leading test prepcompany inNew HavenCounty, Connecticut. How? Through word-of-mouth from past clients who passionately tell their friends that The Learning Consultants provides the best teaching, coaching, and tutoring in the New Haven,CT area. The main differences between this program and others:

(1) Teaching Quality: Unlike franchises that hire bright graduate students who may or may not be good teachers, we hireteachers who are known to be the best in the area. This is a passion and a profession for us, not just a part-time job as it is for most teachers at other companies.

This might be a claim that many companies make. But, they have no reasoning to support the claim. We do. We pay our teachers better than any company in the area - by a wide margin.

As such, experiencedtest prepteachers and tutors of all subjects prefer to work for us.

(2) Immediate connection between training and teaching:

The best practices fortest prepand our other intellectual property were created by Daryl Capuano, the founder of The Learning Consultants and current CEO. Unlike franchises where the bulk of teaching protocols were designed years ago by designers that no longer work for the company and no longer are on top of the latest issues in test development, our company has its main designer currently in charge of all training.

Combining best teaching with best training provides best service for your child.

(3) Personal Attention: You and your child will have high personal attention. We know all our students well and do whatever we can to help them. We customize our programs to perfectly suit each client.

With that said, we know we cannotbeat the advertisingof national franchises.Instead, like Sally's and Pepe's, our business is based entirely on our word-of-mouth reputation within the community. Our success has only come through being better than Princeton Review, Kaplan and others that might be metaphorically similar to the Pizza Huts of tutoring andtest prepinNew Haven CT.

We will help your child excel.

The Learning Consultants
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