The Student Mastery Program

Motivation, Organization, Study Skills, Time Management

Brief Overview:

Our website: has extensive discussion of our Student Mastery Program (as well as a Free Advice and FAQ section which might add to the descriptions).  A quick summary:

We train students to become top students. This is different than tutoring because we are building student success on a holistic basis. For example, our motivation shifting techniques create dynamic change for many of our students that can alter their entire attitude to school.

Best practices are usually the missing component for academic excellence.

Many bright students do not know the best practices for school performance. Just as there are best practices for most every work process, there are methods – best practices – for getting good grades.

Top students know these methods. How? Some have intuitively figured out what works. Some have been taught best practices. Some are just lucky that their natural working processes are also excellent studying methods.

We have developed a set of best practices for each significant area of student life:

The goal is nothing short of providing long-lasting motivation shifting and grade performance techniques that will remain with students long after we stop working with them.

Program Details: We have either been asked to run our programs in-house (several private schools, such as The Williams School) or to train teachers/administrators (Madison’s Daniel Hand High School) or to run our program for individual families.

Related to individuals, we bill at our hourly rates which range between $60-85/hr depending on the teacher or we provide a discounted hourly rate structure for our multi-session programs. Under the hourly framework, we meet as often or as minimally as needed/desired. Alternatively, we have created a program that is optimally designed to ensure that not only the student’s motivation is shifted and the best practices imparted but also that accountability, conceptual help, and monitoring is reinforced and applied throughout the semester.

We do so by providing our best practices framework and then moving into the application phase of the program.

For those in New Haven, CT interested in helping their children with study skills and motivation, in addition to tutoring, we provide a short power point presentation on the Mastery Process.


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